H-LINE Shipping will grow based on customers’ trust​

​Based on over 50 years of dedicated carrier know-how, we have gained trust and reputation in domestic and
foreign markets.​ We have realized customer values by improving our own technical skills to strengthen
our expertise and have also contributed greatly to the transportation of strategic materials at a national level.​
We will grow based on customers’ trust while constantly seeking suitable growth strategies.

Along with our safety, we also consider the safety of the sea​

The sea accounts for 70% of the earth and makes up 70% of the oxygen production on the earth. ​
Therefore, efforts for maritime safety should be made to reduce the loss of marine resources as well as the loss
of life and property. ​We newly started in 2014, when we established the safety management system based on
accident-free principles, and have kept safe the sea as well as our crew and ships while performing
continuous safety monitoring through the ship safety inspection and evaluation system.

H-LINE Shipping cares the green issues for future generations​

We make efforts to make the environment tomorrow the same as that today for future generations.
We try to reduce air pollution in ‘the ocean’ by installing ship scrubbers and introducing the world’s
first LNG fuelled ships and will strive not to damage the current environment for the future with a variety
of missions for environmental improvement.​

What We Do

H-LINE Shipping provides the ocean transport services for raw materials and the ship management services



Provide stable transport service



Provide stable transport service



Provide stable transport service


Ship Management

Provide stable transport service