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Innovation for the future

H-LINE Shipping introduces the new state-of-the-art technology for the safety of crew and the optimization of ship operation. With the introduction of the advanced smart IT system, the company is creating a smart shipping industry by strengthening digital capabilities including securing competitiveness for ship and freight operation and pre-emptively responding to a digitalized paradigm

In particular, the company introduced a Bluetooth-based Beacon which helps a rescue team quickly rescue crew in an emergency situation such as crew’s falling accidents, floating and ship sinking. The collected data will be used for safety management after understanding the flow of crew. In addition, the company is leading active fleet management and accident prevention by introducing the smart ship technology for optimizing fleet operation conditions.

H-LINE Shipping will create a virtuous circle that the company maximizes fleet operation efficiency with the smartization of the entire fleet and the continuous introduction of new technology while reinvesting expenses reduced thereby in the business.

In terms of ship operation, the company will make efforts for safer and more efficient operation by developing technology necessary for reducing greenhouse gas emission, preventing marine and air pollution, avoiding oil spill and saving resources and energy. In addition, the company will try for digital management by upgrading the hardware and security system and additionally applying a variety of new technology as well as the existing technology.