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The Suggestion of H-LINE Shipping is intended to improve the quality of products and
service and help efficient business performance by listening to the opinions of executives and employees,
customers and partners regarding the company’s overall business including products, service, business-related matters, etc. ​
Suggestion is shared with H-LINE Shipping and Hahn & Co. CSG Audit Office. ​

  • Suggestion related to Products

  • Suggestion related to Service

  • Suggestion from Customers

  • Suggestion of Customer Complaints

  • Suggestion of Business-related Idea

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  • Suggestion Type and Details​

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Consent to Collection · Use · Provision of Personal Information​​

Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information

Items and Methods
To process a suggestion, we collect personal information to the necessary minimum extent.​
We collect ‘name, e-mail address, phone (mobile) number’. If you do not want to provide your personal information, you can ‘anonymously’ submit a suggestion.

It is to deal with businesses including checking a suggestion, etc., if necessary.​

Processing and Retention Period​
In principle, personal information collected through the suggestion system is kept for 1 year after a suggestion is closed, but a case in which personal information should be separately kept for a reward for a suggestion, etc. is an exception.​

Consent to Provision of Personal Information for the Third Party ​

Items and Methods​
To process a suggestion, personal information may be provided for a relevant company and if you do not want it, you can only ‘anonymously’ submit a suggestion.

Receiver : Hahn & Co. CSG (Audit Office) ​
Personal Information Provided : Name, Email Address, Phone (Mobile) Number ​
Purpose : Review for suggestions ​
Period of Retention and Use : Same as the processing and retention period of personal information

Terms and Conditions​

To protect your rights and the company’s right, please check and agree on the following terms and conditions before submitting a suggestion. All details shall be considered general information which is publicly available, not confidential information.

Article 1 (Purpose)
This terms and conditions shall be intended to stipulate the rights, obligations and all relevant matters of the company and the users in relation to the use of the website operated by H-LINE Shipping Co., Ltd (hereinafter, “the company”).

Article 2 (Validity and Change of Terms and Conditions)
1. The company shall post the details of this terms and conditions and a company name, a company location, a representative name, a contact number (telephone, fax, etc.), a personal information manager, etc. on the first service page so that the users can read them. But, the users may read the details of the terms of conditions via a connected page. ​
2. The company may change this terms and conditions without breaching relevant laws such as Act On The Regulation Of Terms And Conditions, Act on Consumer Protection, Act On Promotion Of Information And Communications Network Utilization And Information Protection, etc. In this case, the company shall specify the date of application, a reason for change and changed details and notify them with the existing terms and conditions on the first service page or a page connected with the first page until a day before the date of application from 7 days before the date of application. But, in case that there is a change disadvantageous to members, it shall be notified after a prior grace period of at least 30 days. ​​

Article 3 (Matters related to Suggestion)
1. You may provide a suggestion on R&D, marketing, SCM, sales, etc. in a form stipulated by the company.​​
2. Information proposed by you shall be considered publicly available, not confidential. If you want to provide information deemed confidential, you shall provide it separately after concluding a confidentiality contract with the company. The company shall not have confidentiality obligation for any suggestion without making a confidentiality contract. ​​
3. You may not submit a suggestion which infringes on others’ intellectual property right (a trademark right, a design right, a utility model right, a copyright, other secrets protected under Unfair Competition Prevention Act, etc.). In case that you violate or can be considered to violate it, the company shall immediately cancel adoption and request the refund of pre-paid rewards and in case that it causes damage to the company, the company may claim damages. ​​
4. If your suggestion steals other’s suggestion or does damage to the company or the third party due to the infringement of other’s rights, you may assume civil and criminal liability pursuant to relevant laws and in case of any dispute, you shall indemnify the company and resolve it on your own responsibility. In case that it causes damage to the company, you shall compensate for that damage.

Article 4 (Evaluation and Adoption of suggestion)
1. A suggestion may be adopted or not through the company’s internal review process. ​​
2. The adoption of a suggestion shall be solely determined by the company’s standards. ​​
3. The company may freely utilize adopted information in a way of commercialization, securing intellectual property rights, amendment and supplementation, etc. ​​
4. In case that adopted information is used as in the previous paragraph, the company may pay a prescribed reward to a proposer. ​​
5. It may take up to 6 months to review a suggestion. Regarding an adopted suggestion, the company shall notify relevant contents to an e-mail address or a contract number provided with a suggestion. But, the company shall not be responsible for all problems caused by a failure in receiving a notice for adoption due to the incorrect entry/false entry/non-change, etc. of a contract number and in case that you anonymously make a suggestion, the company shall not be responsible for a notice for adoption. ​​
6. The company shall have no obligation to answer standards for the selection of unadopted ideas. ​​
7. In case that the company utilizes information which is already internally owned or reviewed, it shall not be considered to use a similar suggestion which is received in ‘Suggestion’.​

Article 5 (Belonging of Intellectual Property Right)
1. The intellectual property right on a post posted by you on ‘Suggestion’ shall be vested in you. ​​
2. The company may conclude a confidentiality contract with members for the in-dept review of a suggestion and make a separate contract for the intellectual property right regarding a suggestion which is finally adopted. ​​​
3. Among suggestions received via ‘Suggestion’, you shall be entitled to a suggestion which is not finally adopted.