Ship Management

More Effectively, More Safely

Clean & Safe workplace
with Technical

Preemptive Application of Eco-friendly Technology

Preemptive Application of global eco-friendly policies and advanced technology such as LNG fuelled ships, BWMS, Scrubber, AMP, etc

  • Professional Marine Engineers

    Optimize operation & ship management at every stage of vessel’s life cycle ranging from the design stage to the scrap stage by skillful in-house engineer pool

  • Safe and Efficient IT System

    Ship management is being carried out bythe strict safety policies, procedures andequipments, such as wireless controllers, IT system-based risk factor pre-recognition devices and etc. All the real-time data can be shared with vessel and land

H-LINE Shipping has a ship management capability specialized for VLOC and LNG carriers. ​
We provide efficient and safe operation service with marine professional manpower with the best technical skills, the quick and concise decision-making structure, the IT system specialized for ship management and the optimal work procedures.

In particular, H-LINE Shipping’s ship management know-how attributable to the reinforcement direct purchase through the improvement of purchase process, the optimization of the ship cost through competitive bidding, the efficient inventory management of articles for ship and parts is considered to have the highest level of competitiveness on a global basis. In addition, it is developing a differentiated capability by pre-emptively introducing up-to-date technology meeting customers’ demands and global eco-friendly policies such as LNG fuelled carriers, BWMS, Scrubber, AMP, etc.

H-LINE Shipping puts safety ahead of everything, "Safety first“. The company performs preemptive and perfect safety management including providing alternative equipment such as an endoscope, a drone, a wireless controller, etc. for work with inherent risks, carrying out a zero hazard campaign regularly with the safety management team and so on, while establishing the safety management system according to strict standards and procedures and complying with emergency response procedures.​

The maritime sector of H-LINE Shipping will manage all stages of a life cycle from the acquisition of ships to the sale and dismantlement of ships in a condition optimized for operation by recognizing risk factors in advance based on the advanced IT system and sharing real-time information and will secure sustainable growth engines through innovative activities which combine internal capabilities and the latest technology.