Safety and Health Management

H-LINE SHIPPING has established management policies which put safety and health ahead of everything to create a healthy workplace where all executives and employees work without any anxiety under the safe environment and operates the safety and health management system (ISO45001). We carry out the Safety First Campaign at an enterprise level to create a safe workplace culture while thoroughly complying with safety laws based on management policies, through which we are trying to maximize the value of safety of executives and employees.


In order to ensure the safety of human lives and property on land and sea, environmental protection and customer satisfaction,
H-LINE SHIPPING intends to "realize a marine transportation service that is satisfied and trusted by customers"
by setting safe navigation and economical navigation as a basic policy and establishing and enforcing SHEQ policies as follows.

  • Comply with all domestic and foreign laws and requirements related to company activities and services
  • Identify customer needs and provide services that satisfy customers
  • Consider the effects of environmental safety and health through the consultation and participation of executives and employees to secure preventive measures and provide the safe and pleasant working environment
  • Prevent accidents by inspiring safety awareness among executives and employees and employees in partner companies working in the workplace
  • Efficiently use resources and energy and minimize the emissions of environment pollutants
  • Continuously improve the environment, safety and business performance
  • Achieve a goal of preventing marine pollution and an accident-free goal through constant improvement
  • Make security activities a part of our life including the protection of human lives, property and environment and cyber security
  • Improve a coping ability through the efficient operation of the ship and land emergency response system
  • Comply with basic obligations and company ethical principles to keep social responsibilities

Organization exclusively for Safety Management

"H-LINE SHIPPING has a safety quality team to build a safe workplace and operates a business on safety environment and quality. The safety quality team manages institutions and systems, checks the risks of domestic and foreign land/marine workplaces, monitors whether to comply with legal requirements by enacting and revising a management system and takes charge of activities for the internalization of the safety culture. Based on these activities, the safety quality team engages in a variety of activities for accident-free safety in each workplace and fleet and makes efforts to contribute to economical navigation and environmental protection."


Competence for Safe Navigation Management

"H-LINE SHIPPING shares the value of safety with executives and employees and interested parties through 'Safety First Campaign' at an enterprise level under the safety management policy.
After setting a goal of 'Serious Accident and Detention Zero' to minimize safety accidents, we have made enterprise efforts to prevent accidents including establishing a management system such as a safety automated system, etc., setting a goal of smartship operation and actively introducing a device for protecting crew, and as a result, we have achieved zero serious accidents (mortality, vessel) for three consecutive years. As such, we will fulfill our social responsibilities by spreading our will toward safety pursuant to safety management."

Division Unit 2021 2022 2023
Accident Rate % 3 5 4
Work Loss Accident Rate Number of Accidents per 1,000,000 working hours 0.56 0.92 0.62
Serious Accident (mortality) Person - - -
Serious Accident (vessel) Case - - -

※ 해상직 근로시간 기준 : 1년 평균 255.5일(8.4개월) * 24시간

Provide training to internalize safety culture

H-LINE SHIPPING provides safety and health training by designating a (periodic) safety environment day for executives and employees and conducts individual training for jobs requiring separate training by considering work characteristics. We prevent safety accidents in advance by giving regular safety training and safety training for managers/supervisors in connection with laws.

2021 2022 2023 비고
Life Safety/SHEQ Procedure Training 5 4 20
Case Study & Safety Training 5 11 55
기타 0 0 1 안전보건관리책임자 교육(외부)
Total 10 15 76