Environmental Management Plan

As a global marine shipping company, H-LINE SHIPPING applies the environmental management system across all business fields to establish sustainable management system. We are making various efforts including setting/managing a goal of reducing greenhouse gas, establishing the dedicated organization system, expanding investment in eco-friendly facilities, etc. in order to minimize the influence of climate change caused by management activities based on ISO14001 certification and set an internal Net Zero goal to implement the sustainable future as of 2020 when we operated LNG vessels. We will establish and actively implement a carbon-neutral plan to respond to global climate change.

Response to Climate Change
(2050 Net Zero)

Preservation of Marine Environment and Biodiversity

Conversion into Eco-friendly Fleet and Introduction of New Technology

Establish an organization exclusively responsible for the environment

"H-LINE SHIPPING consistently evaluates environmental effects to obtain the ISO14001 certification, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prevent sea/air pollution and save energy. In order to further strengthen it, we take full charge of establishing environmental strategies, reporting environmental issues and evaluating education/inspection/effects and respond to requests from the interested parties regarding the environmental sector. "

Response to Environmental Regulations

  • Analyze international environmental regulations in the shipping industry
  • Establish a strategy to respond to climate change
  • Research into the application of environmental equipment

New Technology Research

  • Analyze new environmental technologies
  • Review / Promote an environmental technology project

Give an environmental education

  • Identify regulations / policies and Analyze effects thereof
  • Give an education on domestic and foreign maritime laws