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‘Report’ is intended to early detect and correct fraudulent acts through consultation
on an organization or an individual’s breach of laws from employees in the company.
If you are suspicious of fraudulent acts or wrongdoing from executives and employees, please report it. ​
We protect your identity by all means. We look forward to your report.​

Report Policy​

1. Policy to Protect Informant

  • ​We shall guarantee that we keep secret the identity of informants and what they report.
  • The informants shall not be subject to any disadvantage or discrimination including dismissal, a disciplinary action, etc. due to reasonable reports. 
  • We shall also protect those who cooperate with investigation by making a statement and providing materials in a process of checking a fact for reporting.
  • We shall promise that all reported contents will not be used for purposes other than investigation and we will engage in investigation sincerely. 
  • In case that an informant reports corruption or irregularity related to him/her, we shall process it reasonably with enough extenuation. 
  • Only a person in charge may have access to reported contents.

2. Policy to Report

  • In case that an investigation shows that it is an explicit fraudulent act, the company shall take corrective measures and actions for recurrence prevention. But, for a report with unclear grounds or an anonymous report that a fact cannot be additionally checked, the company’s measures may be limited and for an anonymous false report or a report with an unfair intention including unilateral slander or defamation, etc., or a report considered attributable to the obvious misunderstanding of a fact, the company may not respond and an informant may not raise any objection against such a judgment.
  • In case that a report submitted by an informant via a hotline may not be treated as a notice or a notification of an informant to the company. In case that an informant wants to express his/her intention on talents desired by the company, business purposes or other purposes, provide information or do a legally meaningful act, an informant shall directly contact the representative or the department in charge of the company instead of using a hotline. The company shall have no obligation to hand over information provided on this hotline to the representative of the company or an executive or a department in charge and have no responsibility for provided information. The personal information gained by reported information shall be processed according to the company’s policy to handle personal information and shall not be posted without any reasonable reasons.
  • Hahn & Co. CSG, an independent external specialized institution, shall carry out the reception and investigation of reports by commission. Accordingly, there shall be no risk of exposing an informant’s identity and a report shall be investigated fairly.
  • The investigation of reports may be consigned to Hahn & Co. CSG, an independent external specialized institution. 
  • In case that personal information is included in a report, it shall be considered to agree that a report including corresponding personal information can be provided for Hahn & Co. CSG, an independent external specialized institution, for the purpose of investigation.

3. Types of Corruption to be Reported​

  • Receive economic benefits such as money and valuables, gifts, treats, etc. from business partners
  • Provide economic benefits such as money and valuables, gifts, treats, etc. for public officials or business partners
  • Direct unfair business handling with the abuse of a position or an authority 
  • Workplace bullying which inflicts excessive physical and mental pain on people by taking advantage of the superiority of a position or a relation
  • Act which causes sexual offending such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, etc. 
  • Leak the company’s internal information
  • Act which causes damage to the company’s property such as embezzlement, misappropriation, etc. ​
  • Breach laws related to fair trade such as collusion, unfair transactions, etc.​
  • Violate other company rules and laws 

4. How to Report​

  • Online : Click ‘Report’
  • E-mail :
  • Call : 02-6353-0777
  • Personal Information on Informant​

  • How to Reply​
  • Consent to Collection · Use · Provision of Personal Information​​

  • Attached File​

Consent to Collection · Use · Provision of Personal Information​​

Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information​

Items and Methods
To process a suggestion, we collect personal information to the necessary minimum extent.​
We collect ‘name, e-mail address, phone (mobile) number’. If you do not want to provide your personal information, you can ‘anonymously’ submit a suggestion.

It is to deal with businesses including checking a suggestion, etc., if necessary. ​

Processing and Retention Period ​
In principle, personal information collected through the suggestion system is kept for 1 year after a suggestion is closed, but a case in which personal information should be separately kept for a reward for a suggestion, etc. is an exception.​

Consent to Provision of Personal Information for the Third Party

Items and Methods ​
To process a suggestion, personal information may be provided for a relevant company and if you do not want it, you can only ‘anonymously’ submit a suggestion.​

Receiver : Hahn & Co. CSG (Audit Office) ​
Personal Information Provided : Name, Email Address, Phone (Mobile) Number ​
Purpose : Review for suggestions ​
Period of Retention and Use : Same as the processing and retention period of personal information​