Privay Policy​

H-LINE Shipping complies with the Personal Information Protection Regulations and does our best to protect the rights and interests of the users by setting a privacy policy pursuant to relevant laws. ​

H-LINE Shipping Co., Ltd protects the personal information of an information subject pursuant to the Article 27-2 of 「Act On Promotion Of Information And Communications Network Utilization And Information Protection」 and the Article 30 of 「Personal Information Protection Act」 and establishes and discloses a privacy policy as follows to promptly and smoothly process relevant complaints. ​

1. Items and Methods for Collection of Personal Information

To process a proposal, we collect personal information to the necessary minimum extent.​
We collect ‘name, e-mail address, phone (mobile) number’. If you do not want to provide your personal information, you can ‘anonymously’ submit a proposal.

2. Purpose for Collection and Use of Personal Information

It is to deal with businesses including checking a proposal, etc., if necessary.

3. Processing and Retention Period of Personal Information

In principle, personal information collected through the proposal system is kept for 1 year after a proposal is closed, but a case in which personal information should be separately kept for a reward for a proposal, etc. is an exception. ​

4. Rights and Obligations of Information Subject and How to Exercise

  • The information subject may exercise any right related to personal information protection in the following each item against the company at any time. ​
    • Request to read personal information
    • Request to correct an error, etc.
    • Request to delete​​
    • Request to suspend processing
  • The information subject may exercise any right related to personal information protection in the following each item against the company at any time.​
  • In case that the information subject requests to correct or delete an error, etc. of personal information, the company shall not use or provide corresponding personal information until it is corrected or deleted.​
  • The rights pursuant to the Paragraph 1 may be exercised by a legal agent of the information subject or a deputy including a delegated person, etc. In this case, a power of attorney pursuant to the No. 11 form in the Appendix of the Enforcement Rules of 「Personal Information Protection Act」 shall be submitted.​​
  • The information subject shall not infringe on the personal information and privacy of the information subject itself or others processed by the company by violating relevant laws such as 「Personal Information Protection Act」, etc.​

5. Measures to Secure the Safety of Personal Information

The company takes the following measures to secure the safety of personal information. ​

Take administrative measures, establishㆍenforce an internal management plan, conduct a regular employee training, etc.​​

  • Technical Action : Manage the authority to access the personal information processing system, install the access control system, encrypt unique identification information, etc. and install the security program ​​
  • Physical Action : Control access to a computer room, a data archive, etc. 
  • Matters on the installation, operation and refusal of the automatic personal information collection device

We do not operate a personal information collection device which is automatically generated when using the Internet such as a cookie, etc. ​

6. Person and Department in charge of Personal Information Protection

​The users may make inquiries about matters on personal information, complaint processing, etc. created while using the company’s service to a person or a department in charge of personal information protection.

​[Person in charge of Personal Information Protection]

  • Person in charge of Personal Information Protection : dochul An
  • Tel : 02-6020-1855​
  • E-mail :

In case that you want to report or consult about personal information infringement, please contact the following institution. ​

​Personal Information Infringement Report Center (run by Korea Internet & Security Agency)​

  • Duty in charge : Report personal information infringement, apply for consultation​
  • Homepage :​
  • Tel : (without a telephone exchange number) 118​
  • Address : Personal Information Infringement Report Center, 3F, 9, Jinheung-gil, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea (58324) (301-2, Bitgaram-dong)​

​Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee

  • Duty in charge : Apply for personal information mediation, collective dispute mediation (civil settlement)​
  • Homepage :
  • Tel : (without a telephone exchange number) 1833-6972​
  • Address : 4F, Government Complex-Seoul, 209, Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (03171)

​​Cyber Crime Investigation Department of Supreme Prosecutors' Office

02-3480-3573 (

​Cyber Safety Bureau of National Police Agency

182 (

7. Change of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy shall be applied from July 1, 2022.