ESG Strategy


“ The Next Quantum leap forward ”


"We contribute to the sustainable development of humankind through the stable transportation of energy and raw materials."

ESG System

H-LINE SHIPPING frequently discusses major issues based on ESG consultative organizations and reviews and manages/supervises ESG issues. In addition, we are striving for enterprise ESG management by establishing a goal for each department and leading each organization to carry out ESG activities independently.

Sustainable Management Policy

H-LINE SHIPPING has established and implemented sustainable management policies based on the management philosophy of 'Value Based Management for Customers' and 'Management with Respect for People'. We practice systematic sustainable management by complying with policies in each field such as labor, ethics, environment, safety and health, win-win growth, etc.

ESG Declaration (Sustainable Management Policy)

The executives and employees of H-LINE SHIPPING declare that they will recognize ESG as a key element for corporate survival and sustainable growth and that they will be environmentally friendly, realize social values and set and implement a goal based on transparent governance in order to fulfill social responsibilities.

[E] We participate in carbon-neutral strategies and in order to realize it, we perform management based on the eco-friendly management system.
[S] We strengthen social responsibilities based on respect for human dignity and values and take the lead in Zero Serious Accidents under the purpose of Safety First.
[G] We practice ethical management by establishing transparent and fair governance and honestly complying with laws, international standards, internal regulations, etc. accompanying management activities.

We lead social responsibilities and reflect ESG values across the management activities for sustainable management to carry out our work.