Invest in Eco-ships

H-LINE SHIPPING is focusing on expanding eco-friendly fleets and strengthening their portfolio by introducing LNG vessels. To this end, we have made continuous efforts to secure new growth engines by preoccupying eco-friendly agendas with active investment and has actively participated in innovative technology research and development projects such as ship development using eco-friendly raw materials, etc. and based on these activities, we are strengthening the competitiveness by preemptively applying the future technology including installing the world's first AI-based engine automated solution in the LNG-powered bulk carrier (HL NAMBU 2) in August 2023. We will grow up as First-Mover, which takes the lead in eco-friendly marine transportation services by reducing greenhouse gas from vessels and utilizing eco-friendly alternative fuel.

Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship /
Smart Ship

Fleet Restructuring

Introduce the Eco-friendly System (Voyage optimization)

H-LINE SHIPPING is making various efforts to enhance the efficiency of navigation by calculating and managing fuel consumption optimized for vessels. In particular, we are piloting the IT-based vessel digitalization SMARTSHIP solution, and after signing a contract with a meteorological company WNI to digitize and manage the CII grade and EEOI of vessels, we not only monitor the CII grade and CO2 emissions, but also provide information optimized for vessels based on all kinds of data such as sea location, weather conditions, route information, etc., maximizing operational efficiency.

Smart Data Capture

Data Validation & Missing Data Notification

Expansion of Investment
in Eco-friendly Facilities

In order to actively respond to IMO environmental regulations, H-LINE SHIPPING is using super-low sulfur oil with the sulfur content of less than 0.5% in 00 ships and has installed scrubbers (a device to reduce sulfur oxide emissions) on ships to comply with sulfur oxide emission regulations. In addition, for the purpose of reducing nitrogen oxides, we are expanding an investment in facilities for environmental improvement including installing Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and installing EGR which recycles exhause gas to reduce nitrogen oxides.

of Biodiversity

H-LINE SHIPPING makes an effort from various angles to protect the marine ecosystem and clean up the marine environment. Since all vessels are obligated to install the ballast water management system (BWMS) pursuant to IMO Ballast Water Management Convention to prevent the destruction of the marine ecosystem and protect biodiversity, we have installed the applicable equipment on 98% of vessels in the entire fleet and will continue to install it on vessels in which it has not been installed yet by 2024. In addition, we are carrying out a variety of activities for the preservation of biodiversity including reducing carbon emission, etc. by installing EPL to limit the maximum power.

Green Recycling

"H-LINE SHIPPING dismantles a vessel by selecting a policy which selects a yard for obsolete ships certified by Register of Shipping and recycles vessels pursuant to Hong Kong International Convention. With it, we protect the marine environment and the human rights of workers by recycling vessels in a safe and eco-friendly way simultaneously with securing the health and safety of workers and preventing environmental pollutants."