Fulfill Social Responsibilities

H-LINE SHIPPING are carrying out a variety of social contribution activities in connection with our core competencies. We set a direction by reflecting regional circumstances and requests from interested parties based, on offices in Seoul and Busan and we are doing voluntary work focused on the future generation and the vulnerable social group and are acting based on coexistence with the nearby regional community.

H-LINE SHIPPING takes the lead in creating a healthy sharing culture for sharing hope and love
by establishing a variety of support projects in conjunction with the regional community
and three core themes that reflect business characteristics based on a broad understanding
and empathy for corporate social responsibilities.

  • Sharing Hope

    Hope delivered by giving an opportunity to engage in social contribution activities

    Campaign for Sharing Hope Land and Marine Ecosystem Protection
    (Zero Waste Challenge, Campaign for Collecting Waste Plastic in the Sea, Picking Challenge), Nutrition and Meal Support

  • Sharing Love

    Love shared for the underprivileged in the regional community

    Love Clinic (Support/Regular Voluntary Work) Seasonal Support for the Socially Alienated
    (Sharing Briquettes, Sharing Fans)

  • Sharing Smile

    Happy Smile with Educational/Cultural Activities

    Physical and Mental Health Recovery Marathon on Sea Day for Land and Marine Ecosystem Protection

Recent Activities

  • 1. Support the rehabilitation center for the disabled

    Since delivering grains for the holiday in September 2015, we have delivered donations such as rice, kimchi, etc. and support payments to Donggu Welfare Center for the Disabled in Busan every year.
    H-LINE SHIPPING is making efforts to make the disabled and the local community have a good day with Donggu Welfare Center for the Disabled.

  • 2. Install and donate power saving equipment

    Since 2021, we have installed and sponsored power saving equipment for 11 social welfare centeres across the country.
    The power saving equipment reduces used power by 7~10% by blocking excess power and improving efficiency and can be used for at least 10 years because it is installed in the main switchboard.
    We donated power saving equipment to Korea Maritime and Ocean University in July 2023 and plans to install it on a training ship in the future,
    which is expected to save power and reduce oil and fuel for at least 10 years.