Compliance ManagementGo

H-LINE SHIPPING pushes forward with compliance management in order to establish and implement the sustainable management system under the rapidly changing external and internal environment. We carry out enterprise compliance management activities every year based on relevant laws and compliance control criteria and pursues win-win growth through mutual cooperation while doing transparent business with partner companies. As a result of efforts to strengthen righteousness / compliance management, we have never violated laws for the recent 3 years and in the future, we will carry out transparent management activities while complying with laws and regulations through constant management and control.

Unit 2023 2022 2021
Unfair Transactions including anti-competition, monopoly, etc. Number of Violations Case 0 0 0
Penalty won - - -
Other Social and Economic Violations Number of Violations Case 0 0 0
Penalty won - - -

Ethical ManagementGo

H-LINE SHIPPING has enacted, promulgated and operated the code of ethics for business ethics. All executives and employees should submit an ethical management/practice pledge once a year and sign a contract by including a provision for compliance with ethical management when concluding a contract with a partner company. As such, we try to create an ethical environment in the workplace through ethical pledge and education and take immediate actions including punishment, protection, etc. based on the principle of zero tolerance when any unethical issue is received. We will pursue the value of win-win and coexistence with executives and employees, partner companies and interested parties through continuous ethical management.

H-LINE SHIPPING Code of Ethics

We recognize the the fair and clean corporate culture is the foundation of business competitive power
and all executives and employees pledge to comply with our ethical management
in performing their duties and businesses externally and internally.
  • 1. We comply with law and order.
    (comply with all laws and regulations in all regions at home and abroad)

  • 2. We respect superiors, colleagues and subordinates.
    (Establish a fair and sound relationship based on smooth communication and trust)

  • 3. We respect customers, stockholders and partner companies.

  • 4. We try to keep the clean corporate culture.

Report Compliance (by Hotline)Go

We receive a report for cases in which executives and employees have violated or are likely to violate laws and handle it in a closed/anonymous way. A reporter's personal information and report details should be kept confidential and a reporter will not be disadvantaged in personnel management in any way. A report is immediately received to the ethical management department and handled pursuant to internal procedures in a transparent and fair manner and separate sexual harassment and workplace bullying are referred to an external labor firm for investigation in order to guarantee independence, transparency and fairness in operating procedures.

What to Report

  • Violation of Fair Trade Act
  • Infringement of Trade Secrets
  • Violation of Anti-corruption Laws
  • Violation of Personal Information Protection Act
  • Sexual Harassment, Workplace Bullying
  • Other Law Violation

How to Report

  • Report Section in Company Homepage
  • Deliver to the ethical management department immediately after receiving a report
  • Transparently handle according to internal procedures upon receipt
  • Review / Promote Environmental Technology Project

How to Handle

  • We will answer a processing result as soon as possible.