ESG Management​

Safety, Quality and Environmental Management​​

As “Shipping solution provider” which provides cleaner, safer and more efficient service, H-LINE Shipping is trying to
“realize shipping service which can give customers the greatest satisfaction and reliability” by protecting
the environment and securing the safety of life, property and freight at sea based on our own safety policies and operation know-how.​

  • Safety

    Safety First, Transport Safety

    For the health and safety of employees, H-LINE Shipping has sustained the zero hazard management by establishing the safety management system pursuant to the strict standards and procedures, conducting a campaign for the improvement of safety consciousness and regularly performing safety inspection. The cutting-edge safety equipment and the perfect safety management are our unique culture and pride. ​

  • Quality

    From a position of customers, “we value customers’ value”

    All businesses of H-LINE Shipping comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations regarding the company’s activities and service and requirements from ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISM Code and ISPS Code. H-LINE Shipping delivers differentiated values to customers based on the best efficiency and competitiveness created by continuous innovation and improvement. ​

  • Environment

    Proposal towards Sustainable Future, “Clean and Green”

    H-LINE Shipping is joining worldwide efforts for the sustainable society and environment with continuous efficiency improvement while efficiently using energy and resources and minimizing the emission of all pollutants into the environment. Our fleet equipped with the state-of-the-art eco-friendly equipment transports the freight of customers in the cleanest and the most efficient way.